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The Les Schwab coupon page is dedicated to following one and all coupons that the Les Schwab company releases because we understand that this is the last company that has not been sold out to investors who would have turned it into a money making soulless machine. The company grew because of the dedication that Les Schwab had for his people, giving them back in bonuses and raised half of the company’s monthly profit. And they, in turn, gave back their undivided support and loyalty. One could almost say that this is a family empire and that in whatever store you go to use the Les Schwab coupons you will be finding on our site, you will be treated with the same respect and openness that turned a rundown shop into an American dream.

And that dream has been built on the motto that still appears on every Les Schwab coupon and that is “If we can’t guarantee it, we won’t sell it”. A sign that Les Schwab still stands by their governing principle and also that things are still just like when Les was running the store. Because a more modern approach to management would have probably changed the motto by now but it is great that they haven’t because they stand by the principles that made America great. And you will be able to notice that from the very moment you drive by their front gate and the employees will run to meet you. From that first contact on everything will go just as you would expect in a high end clothes shop with your own engineer helping you pick out the best tires for your car and for your way of driving. The assist is just one of the extra services you get when using Les Schwab coupons.

Another great service that is always part of a Les Schwab coupon deal is that they will actually check several aspects on your car before letting you drive out. It is only vaguely implied in the motto but at Les Schwab they consider themselves responsible for your safety once you have put on their tires. So even though the tires might be in perfect breaking condition, the entire breaking system from the disk pads to the breaking fluid might have an issue and they check all of that. Again that is completely covered by the Les Schwab coupon.

And in fact there is an entire range of services that are implied in a Les Schwab coupon from a up to 40% off the price of your tires to your personal assistant through the entire shop experience. And before your car goes out the store it will also receive a battery and shock check. Because you might not know but everything from turning the wheel to breaking is now assisted through a computer that feeds of the battery and if that was to give out you would lose control of the car. Just as the shocks being too old or too worn out will put your car in a ditch at the first bend in the road. So only by using the Les Schwab coupons can you be sure that your car is in perfect working order as you drive out of their garage.

And because there is nothing sweeter than receiving a free service or a big percentage off a buy we are working closely with them to bring you the best Les Schwab coupons as they come out. You can register here so that we’ll send you updates whenever new coupons will come out but you could also just bookmark us and visit us ever so often to see the latest updates. What is guaranteed is that you will soon find an autumn Les Schwab coupon right here because the store is genuinely concerned that you face the winter to come with the proper tires on.

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